Holistic therapies are a means of treating the whole person. We listen to your needs & offer solution based therapy. Sometimes really deep work on the muscles is appropriate and at other times the focus is on lifting the spirit & soothing the mind.Some clients like a mixture of treatments in one session or a massage targeted on specific limbs. Please ask about the possibilities so we can tailor a treatment just for you.

Our treatments Include

Full Body Hot Stones

Head to toe massage experience including facial acupressure and personalised aromatherapy blend 70 minute appointment

Hot Stones Back Massage

30 minute appointment

Hot Stones in Reflexology

Includes leg massage
50 minute appointment

Full Body Bamboo Massage

Including facial acupressure and personalised aromatherapy blend
60 minute appointment

Full Body Sticks & Stones

Head to toe massage experience, using hot stones & warm bamboo including aromatherapy oils & facial acupressure.
70 minute appointment

Full Body Pregnancy Massage

A soothing & therapeutic head-to-toe treatment using anti-stretchmark oils, perfectly blended for safe use during pregnancy. We understand the changes your body will undertake and most importantly how we can support you in having an enjoyable pregnancy.
60 minute appointment

Reflexology During Pregnancy

With the focus on relaxation, this full body treatment, experienced through the feet is key to enhancing positivity, finding balance and improved wellbeing.
55 minute appointment

To book an appointment
call 07870 596 988 or
email: unwind@holistichealingrooms.co.uk